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moin-e-jahan (Gujrati)
Price : Indian Rupees 200/-

ISBN- 978-81-85893-07-05
Tasawuuf Ahey Ullah (Urdu)
Price : Indian Rupees 250/-

ISBN- 978-81-85893-07-05
The Mystical Philosophy
of Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti

Price : Indian Rupees 300/-
The book deals with the stimulating tenents and the inspiring mystical philosophy and practised by the great sufi saint Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti.His Mystical Philosophy lent grace beauty and haemony to life and led to the harmonious working of society. It laid down an ideal for society based on moral, ethical and spiritual conduct.

ISBN- 978-81-85893-07-05

Price : Indian Rupees 125/-
Rah-e-Tasawwuf is a unique book on mys ticism. The auther explains the extremely complex subject in a concise and simple manner.

Auther:Hazrat Nawab Khadim Hasan Gudri Shah Baba 3
Text translated by Farah.Poetry translated by Wajid.

Avaliable in Urdu,Hindi and English

Price : Indian Rupees 200/-
Price : Indian Rupees 60
The Sufi Saints Of The Indian Subcontinent Price : Indian Rupees 700
This book is a short biographical sketch of 126 Sufi Saints
Price : Indian Rupees 100

Avaliable in Urdu, Hindi and English
Price : Indian Rupees 125
The Life and Teachings of Khawaja Moin Uddin Chishty (English)
                                                            Price : Indian Rupees 30
Author : Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan, Gudri Shah Baba IV
        The book deals with the all absorbing life, inspiring sayings, interesting discoureses & stimulating tours and travels, of the greate Sufi Saint Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti, who came to India as the harbinger of peace and humanism and as an ambassador of unity and good will and who ultimately came to be indentified as the "sprituial sovereign of india".
He was essentially a superman. His messages echoes and re-echoes. It does not admit of time. It is as true today as it was when delivered countries back.
The book ponts to his foot prints left on the sands of time.
Price : Indian Rupees 30
Price : Indian Rupees 50
(New Edition) Price :
Indian Rupees 250/-
Price : Indian Rupees 20/-
Inward Peace Price :
Indian Rupees 995/-
This book contains fifty six following Lectures(The Society of Mystics) of Harat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib, Gudri Shah BABA IV
1. Reflections of Mystricism.
2. Dimensions of Mysticism.
3. The Role of the Mystic in Modern Society.
4. The path of perfection.
5. The Inward Peace.
6. The Making of a Mystic.
7. The Sinificance of prayer.
8. Tackling Tension.
9. The Mansion of Mysticism.
10. The Mystical Capsules.
11. The Mystical Surgery.
12. The Mystic Veiw of Suffering.
13. The Mystic Law & Practice of Self­Surrender.
14. The Thought Pattern of the Mysti~.
15. The Mystic Insight into death.
16. Life Pattern of the Mystic.
17. The Mystic Concept of Dream.
18. The Mystic Interpretation of colours.
19. The Spirit of Toleration.
20. The Mystic Search for Silence.
21. The Signature of Happiness.
22. The Sanctifying Grace of Seclusion.
23. The Sustaining Power of Patience.
24. Breathe Gently and Live Happily.
25. Mystical Mathematics.
26. Guidlines for Postive Living.
27. Have Belief & Get Relief.
28. Pursuit a Spiritual Progress & Perfection.
29. Mystic Vision.
30. tv\agnetic Touch of Concentration.
31. The Faculty of Clairvoyance.
32. Will to get what you will.
33. The Technique of Telepathy.
34. The Positive Role of self Knowledge.
35. The Foundation of Introspection.
36. The Saving Device of Contentment.
37. Change Attitude and Offer Greatitude.
38. The Touch of Spiritual Healing.
39. Grace Comes Before Greatness.
40. Implications of .Spiritual Direction.
41. The Dynamics of Hope.
42. Stop Hating Start Loving.
43. The Process of Self Examination.
44. The Marks of Spiritual Maturity.
45. Denounce Depression get Sublimation.
46. Beware of Anxiety.
47. Be Zealous But not Jealous.
48. The Will to Will what you Will.
49. The Relevance of Tolerance.
50. Heal Thy Self.
51. In And Out of Hospital.
52. Heal Thy Self.
53. Stress Management.
54. Leisure Management.
55. Life Management.
56. Control Thy Self