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Mehrouli (Andheria Morh) New Delhi. India

Coming Urs : 30 & 31,March 2013

Hazrat Maqdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi was the last towering Sufi Saint of the Sohrewardi Order. His father Hazrat Farid Uddin was the disciple of Hazrat Sadr Uddin known as Raju Qattal. Hazrat Sama Uddin was a disciple of Hazrat Kabir Uddin Ismail, who was also the disciple of Hazrat Raju Qattal. He had two sons Hazrat Abdullah Biyabani and HazratNaseer uddin who was his successor. Hazrat Sama Uddin got his education from Hazrat Saiyad Sharif Jirjani, philosopher and scholar at the court of Taimur Shah (d.1405). Hazrat Sama Uddin settled in Bayana during the reign of emperor Behlol Lodi (1451-1489). After Behlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi (1489 - 1517) became the new emperor, who respected Hazrat Sama Uddin highly. In one of Hazrat Sama Uddins teachings the emperor was told by him that " there are three types of people who could never hope to receive blessings; one is old men who sinned, second young men who did likewise but hope to repent at a later date and the third, the king who lied" . Hazrat Sama Uddin wrote a commentary on Lumat of Hazrat Shaikh Uddin Iraqi .He has written a book "Mufta ul Asrar" (Key to the Devine Secret). In "Akhbar Ul Akiyar" Hazrat Abdul Haq Mohaddis Delhvi (1551 A.D.-1642 A.D.) said:

"Shaikh Sama Uddin was complete in fear of God, in guarding himself from sin, in outer and inner knowledge. He possessed perfectly the power of attraction in the assembly. Moreover the heart of any sick person he used to look at graciously became cleaned from any spiritual disease and the purposes of any seeker he looked at fulfilled".

In the holy domb of shaikh Hazrat Makhdoom Samauddin Soharwardi , there are six holy graves including Hazrat Shaikh Samauddin . According To the Right handside of Hazrat Shaikh Samauddin there are two graves the first right grave is of SHaikh Hazrat Nasiruddin , the Beloved son and also the Spritual successor of Hazrat Shaikh Samauddin . THe extreme right grave is of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar, Known as Shaikh Ladan. Below his grave there is on grave of Hazrat Shaikh Zafar Khan. According To the left hand side of Hazarat Sammauddin there is one grave of hazrat fatehullah and below his grave there is one grave of Hazrat Shaikh Ibrahim.

Hazrat Sama Uddin died on 17th.Jamadi ul awwal 901 H/ 2 February 1496 and was buried at Mehrolli ,Delhi.The detail history of the saint is now available our publication in Urdu "Dilli Key Bais Khawaja" (22 Saints of Delhi) by Hazrat Dr.Zahurul Hasan Sharib,Gudri Shah Baba IV.


The Dargah of Hazrat Maqdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi is near Shamsi Talab, Jahaz Mahal, Aulia Masjid, Andehria Morh, New Delhi Most of the buildings do not exist now, yet some of them are: Holy domes,mosque,Mehfil khana (Son Burj) Mehman Khana (near Aulia Masjid and lake view of Shamsi Talab),Langer Khana, Graveyards (from north to siuth -dome of Hazrat Ishhaq (brother Shah Sama uddin) to Sohanburj and Andheria Morh to Mehman Khana (near Aulia Masjid and lake view of Shamsi Talab)


There are two holy Domes in the Dargah premises; one is of Hazrat Shaikh Sama uddin and the other is of Sheikh Ishaq the elder brother of Sheikh Sama uddin and other graves are of his family members. For the roof of the dome and the mosque of Sheikh Sama uddin there are fifteen steps.

In the baradari of the holy dome of Hazrat Shaikh Sama uddin, there are six holy graves including Shaikh Sama uddin the details are as follows.

Right hand :Shaikh Hazrat Nasir uddin the beloved son and also the Spiritual successor of Sheikh sama uddin & next grave is of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar; Known as Sheikh Ladan son of Hazrat Nasir Uddin
left hand: Hazrat Fateh ullah
Below Left:Hazrat Shaikh Ibrahim
Below Write:Hazrat Shaikh Zafar Khan

Recently our Gudri Shahi Order of Ajmer reconstructed the inner Chamber of Sheikh Sama uddin with marble. The tomb stone was written by me, Inam Hasan,Gudri Shah,Ajmeri


This adjoining Mosque of the shrine of Sheikh Sama uddin was built in Lodi Dynasty’s time. It is also called the Qanati Masjid. In 1975 it was repaired by my father.Hazrat Dr.Zahurul Hassan Sharib, Gudri Shah Baba Ajmeri. In the mosque there are three rooms (Hujra).


It is a Mehfil Khana of Sheikh Sama uddin Sohrewardi where he used to give teachings and Zikr. The size of Son Burj is 140x173 feet with basement. Now there is a three-sided graveyard and one side road along this building.

According to Husain Ahmed Zuberi the author of Khandan Zuberi the Son Burj is also called the Hasht Mahal , because if we calculate the numerical figure of the urdu alphabets of Hasht Mahal , it is 901 which is the same number of the date of the death of sheikh Sama uddin (d.901 H).


All around the shrine of Sheikh Sama Uddin there was a very big graveyard with big and small domes or chatri (small domes) on the graves of his family which is now demolished and occupied by the unauthorized people. Still some graves and domes can be seen there.

According to Sheikh Abdul Haq Mohaddis Delhvi:

“His ( Sheikh Sama Uddin) monument is situated at Shams e Talab at Delhi, where the graves of his family also situated in a line and row”. ( Akhbar ul Akhiyar )


It was used as a Langer Khana especially for food during his Urs, which is now occupied by the unauthorized occupants.


The ruins of this building can still be seen. There are also the graves. It was used as a guest House for devotees and family especially during the Urs time. This building has a very beautiful location, It has a Shamsi Talab view. It is next to Aulia Masjid


The most famous creation of Sheikh Sama Uddin was his Madarsa. In the Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh on the page p. 86,Abdul Qadir Badauni has written:

Marasa of Maulana Sama'uddin: Maulana Sama'uddin had also set up a madasa at Delhi in which he taught for a long time. After him, Sheikh Fateh Ullah, Sheikh 'Abdul Ghafoor and Mufti Jamaluddin, the grandson of Maulana Sama'uddin kept the torch of learning aloft in this institution benefiting a large number of students.

The ruins of the Madarsa can still be seen near the tomb. This is a reason that this dargah has a very big area.

DISCIPLE- Hazrat Jamali

Among his disciples Hazrat Jamali was the most famous murid "the author of "Sair Ul Arefeen"(Biography of the Gnostics). This book’s first Chapter is on Hazrat Khawaja Moin Uddin Hasan Chishti and the last Chapter is on his master Hazrat Sama Uddin .This way he tried to bring together the Chishti and Sohrewardi Order. He was also a very famous poet . He has a Dewan (poetic collection) .He is also famous for his masnavi (A kind of verse) "Meh ro Mah" . Hazrat Jami (d.9 Nov.1492) the most eminent Persian poet of his time ,was a great admirer of Hazrat Jamali. When Hazrat Jamali visited Hazrat Jami at Herat, he sat very near to him. Hazrat Jami was very angry as he has seen him first time .He asked Hazrat Jamali "What is the different between him and an ass" Jamali immediately spread his span and said "only one span"

Hazrat Jamali died on 10th. Ziqaad 942 /1st.May 1536 in the reign of second Mughal emperor of India Humaiyn.HE left one son his name was shekh Gadai, His shrine known as "Jamali-Kamali" , near Andheria Morh, in a beautiful Garden Compound with a very big Mosque , Mehrouli , New Delhi.


The Dargah of Hazrat Maqdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi is near Shamsi Talab,Jahaz Mahal,Aulia Masjid, Andehria Morh, New Delhi

Location Map:
Dargah Hazrat Makhdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi
Near Shamsi Talab, Aulia Masjid, Andehria Morh,
New Delhi

1. Qutub Minar
2. Dargah Hazrat Qutub Uddin Bakhtiyar Kaki
3. Shamsi Talab (water pond)
4. Aulia Masjid
5. Dargah Hazrat Makhdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi
6. Andheria Morh
7. Dargah Hazrat Jamali (Jamali-Kamali Garden)


Coming Urs : 30 & 31,March 2013

Every year Gudri Shahi Order of Sufi’s celebrate his Urs on 17th.& 18th.Jamadiul awaal with great jubilation. Recently his grave is reconstructed with marble work by Gudri Shahi Order.


From beginning the management of the Waqf Alal Aulad Dargah, run by the descendents and successors of Hazrat Makhdoom sama uddin Sohrewardi, under the "Anjuman Muntazim e-Auqaf Dargah Hazrat Sama Uddin" which was established in 1929 by Hazrat Nawab Khadim Hasan, Gudri Shah Baba Ajmeri who was also the first President of the "Anjuman Muntazim e-Auqaf Dargah Hazrat Sama Uddin" , originally came to Ajmer from Moradabad . The first Secretary was Shams Uddin Sahib of Delhi ,(Tazkara Molana Makhdoom Sama Uddin Delhvi by Arshi Ajmeri published 1931) later Shams Uddin Sahib left to Lahore, Pakistan in 1948.

On 25th. Sept 1972 this management committee was dissolved by the family members of Maqkdoom Sama uddin and given all the powers of Sajjadgi and Mutwaliship to my father Hazrat Dr.Zahurul Hassan Sharib, Gudri Shah Baba Ajmeri .

In 1995, I, Inam Hasan,Gudri Shah have reestablished the same Waqf Alal Aulad committee and registered in the Delhi Waqf Board.

The management committee according to the resolution dated 13 Jan. 2012 :

1. Dr.Iqbal Hasan,Aligarh - President 2. Zahid Hasan ˜Vaseem Barelvi", Bareli Vice President 3. Inam Hasan Gudri Shah, Ajmer - Secretary 4. Musharraf Hasan,New Delhi – Joint Secretary 5. Rehman Hasan,Moradabad- Treasurer 6. Hasan Ali Khan ,Amroha - Member 7. Rahat Hasan,Aligarh - Member 8. Farhat Hasan,Aligarh - Member 9. Rehan Hasan Moradabad – Member 10. Murtuza Hasan,Moradabad - Member 11. Javed Hasan,New Delhi-Member 12. Naved Hasan,New delhi – Member 13. Asif Hasan,Aligarh – Member 14. Rasid Hasan (Shehanshah Mian,Lucknow - Member

This Waqf (Trust) is Gazettes in the "Delhi Gazette (16th.Dec.1965) by Mumtaz Mohammed the second Secretary.


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